The Reversal

Seen this intro video in church?

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Curious to know more about how the video came about?
Here’s your answer!
The idea of the video was to use the allegory of a reverse poem to illustrate the redemptive nature of God.
Although we may sometimes see things negatively, God sees it in the reverse way. He sees it as positive. There’s always good in the seemingly bad situation.

And we wanted to illustrate just that.


How we did it was through the use of the reverse poem. What this means is that when you read the poem backwards, it still makes sense and the meaning changes completely.
So after conceiving the idea, we had to begin storyboarding.
Zhiyi and I gathered the references of the feel we wanted then we began taking photos and footages.
The real challenge, however,was to get the reverse poem to sound right. There were many drafts and changes to the structure of the poem as well as the person voicing the words.
It has to sound right.
For this to happen, there was much teamwork involved. Special credits to Mong, Chester who helped with the script and Mac who helped with the voicing!


So the reverse poem goes…
“ My life has no purpose
And I refuse to believe that
With God I can make a difference
People tell me that life is meaningless
And I hate it when
I have to stand against the crowd
To speak out for what is right
All I care about is my own success
Because it doesn’t make any sense that
Life’s actually about living for others
That life isn’t living for myself “
(Now, read it backwards!)


What we wanted to say is that…
When our lives have no purpose…
When we have doubts…
And when we are so discouraged and dejected that we lost hope of our dreams..our visions..our future…


God is always there to do the “The Reversal”.
He draws near the most when we are in the dumps.


Our mindsets are changed.
Hearts are renewed.
Bad experiences turns into valuable lessons for our future.
Brokenness pours out anointing on our lives.
Even when you feel like your life is so smoothing sailing and you don’t really need God…
When you open up your life for God to move..
He will add the vision, the purpose…the drive and the adventure for your life!


If you are a Christian and never experienced a breakthrough and miracle in your life…Believe for one.
If you are lost in life…
Look to Jesus and He will give you the direction.
If you are discouraged…
Hear God and He will transform your minds and perspective.
If you haven’t watched the intro video…
Go to church and see it for yourself !! 🙂


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