What Does Christmas Mean (to me?)


Christmas isn’t about Santa Claus.

Christmas, or Christ’s Mass is about Jesus Christ. It’s about how God sent his only Son for mankind, for us.

On this day, it was also my first time hearing about Jesus Christ, of how He came down to redeem our relationship with God. Nevermind all the nasty things we did, think or wish to do, but through Him that we may have life – Eternal life and relationship with Him.

It was also my first time encountering the presence of God.

The tangible, unexplainable joy, peace and love. Somewhat filling a void. A sense of purpose in living. A purpose bigger than me myself and I. It didn’t make me feel like I was better than people who have yet to experience what I did. It didn’t make me hyper-spiritual. But it did awaken my eyes to something bigger than the physical world.

The awareness that God is out there trying to reach out to us. That there is life after death. That we are not just here to study, grow, eat, sleep, degenerate and die. There is meaning to the life I have. The life each and every person has.

This year is my 10th year of celebration in my journey with God. It is ever more personal and ever more humbling.

Does Christmas have a meaning to you?


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